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Our Story

Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters

Where It All Began

Our Story Brewed with Passion

Lima, Peru is located at 12° south latitude & 77° west longitude. Why is this location significant you might ask? Well, Twelve 77 is where our founders’ story began. While serving on active duty in the United States Navy, Denise & Eric were invited by a mutual friend to dinner in Lima during a port visit as the ship they were assigned to switched home ports from Norfolk, VA to San Diego, CA. As it turns out, even though they were serving on the ship simultaneously, they never met before the visit to Lima, Peru. As the story goes, great conversation and an incredible dinner experience coupled with the warm hospitality of the locals made that night a fond and memorable moment in both of their lives. A few weeks later after their ship made it to its new homeport in San Diego, Denise & Eric’s paths crossed again as they left work where Eric decided to ask Denise on a date. The rest, as they say, is history!!!

Symbols that Define Us

A Deeper Look at Twelve 77

The Anchor

Strength & Stability
The Anchor is significant because it represents strength and stability, fundamental characteristics Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters aspires to provide for our community every day. While the U.S. Navy uses the fouled anchor as one of its symbols, our founders both earned the title of Chief Petty Officers during their careers, who wear the gold fouled anchor on their uniforms. The anchor reflects their military service, which ultimately brought them together, but more so it represents the idea of being a well-grounded and steadfast presence in the local & coffee community.

The Intersecting Lines

The Power of Connection
The Intersecting Lines represent the crossing of paths. The mathematical definition refers to two or more lines that cross or meet at a common point. In life, people cross paths all the time, but only those special encounters that leave a lasting impression are forever imprinted or woven into the fabric of our lives. Additionally, intersecting lines represent an X, the unknown, uncharted terrain. As we venture further into coffee we will continue to learn, create new relationships, and help develop a community that adds value to the world.

The Compass

Navigating the Journey
The Compass is a symbol of direction, a tool that guides and aids in helping one find and stay the course on their journey. The founders have traveled the world in their time, both serving in the United States Navy as well as for leisure. Their desire to explore, serve, and push forward has kept them grounded and drives them to ensure that Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters’ is unique and navigates their path with purpose. As this new endeavor unveils as with their first encounter they are excited to experience each new milestone.

The Coffee Beans

Transformation and Vitality

The Coffee Beans symbolize transformation, renewed vitality, and ignited motivation. They also illustrate the potential for profound change, offering the opportunity to enhance one’s life and the lives of others, conversely, to become entirely lost in the process; the process of self-discovery and making new connections. Coffee grown around the world can be traced back centuries to its place of origin in Ethiopia. The beans represent a challenging journey, adapting to new environments, while cultivating cultures & communities around the world.

california family life center

Giving Back To Our Community

Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters is a proud supporter of California Family Life Center.

We Believe in Serving Towards a Cause Greater Than Ourselves…
“California Family Life Center’s mission is to provide safety, comfort and healing to children suffering abuse and abandonment; to teach love and trust; to instill self-esteem, values and hope for the future – and in so doing, assist children trapped in hopelessness and despair become compassionate and contributing members of the community.”
Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters

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