Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters

Beyond the Bean

Coffee that Connects Community

Twelve 77 isn’t just about coffee; it’s about crafting small-batch roasted perfection that connects communities over every sip, proudly owned by veterans who infuse dedication into every roast.

More than a cup, it’s a culture

Our philosophy remains the same… From the first sip of coffee to the last gulp, the effects are magnetic. People are inspired, delighted, feel & find a sense of community they may not have had otherwise. It is a way to celebrate life, especially the little things, whether it’s starting over, meeting a new friend, or even discovering something new about yourself. It’s a great connector to our history, lends itself to the creation of opportunity, and allows us to share & grow into something special.

A Story Brewed in Friendship

Where Our Journey Began (12°S, 77°W)

Unlikely connections brewed something special in Lima, Peru. A chance encounter during a port visit blossomed into a love story and a shared passion for coffee. This newfound passion would become a life journey, leading to the creation a unique coffee experience: Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters.

Our Offerings

Our coffee selection is sourced by a vast network of green coffee exporters from around the world who follow rigorous quality control procedures so that we can offer you the best coffee that we can provide.

Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters Small Batch Coffee

Explore Ethically Sourced Whole Bean Coffees

Our coffee distributor team ensures sustainability doesn’t stop with responsible practices in the sourcing process; it includes the ethical considerations of working with tens of thousands of producers year-round to improve their productivity and profitability.
Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters

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Get your locally brewed batch of Twelve 77 Coffee Roasters at the Certified Farmers Market.